Twenty-five cash prizes will be awarded!

What's new in 2018? The True Grit Category!


Each category will be reviewed by a panel of Judges for to award 1st Prize $200, 2nd Prize $100, and 3rd Prize $75.

The panel will be looking for high quality/ high-resolution photos in the following categories:


  1. Corn - Pictures of the mature yellow ears of corn or corn kernels. Check the archives for examples here.
  2. Growing Field Corn - All stages of growth from planting to harvesting field corn.
  3. The Farm Family Lifestyle - Examples of life on the farm: Generational, Working, Playing, Pets, Livestock and Family Meals
  4. Scenery/Landscapes – Examples: Cornfield, Farmland, Livestock, Wildlife, Sunrise and Sunset, Blue Skies, Storm Clouds etc.
  5. Farming Challenges – Examples: Effects on Crops, Disease, Pests/Insects, Weeds, Weather (flood, draught, tornado, etc.)
  6. SHP Conservation - brought to you by the Soil Health Partnership: conservation technology in action- examples: cover crops, conservation, and no-till, prescription nutrient management, grass waterways, buffers, etc. For more information about NCGA's Soil Health Partnership, visit soilhealthpartnership.org.
  7. Plus, First, Second and Third place for most popular photo based on top Facebook "likes."
  8. NEW for 2018! True Grit! - Borne out of the Farm Family Lifestyle category, this category focuses on the people getting the work done. When the equipment is down, when there isn't a big machine that can do the big job. 


Once the contest concludes, the top three Facebook “liked” photos will be awarded 1st Prize $200, 2nd Prize $100, and 3rd Prize $75. Those photos will qualify to be judged for the Grand Prize of $500. In the event that the Most Liked photo is awarded the Grand Prize, the 4th most liked will be raised to the top three.


The panel’s decisions are final.


Your photo once submitted and approved will be featured in Photos of the Day on the Fields-of-Corn home page.

Also, make sure you keep up with our Facebook page



  • Make sure you share the link with your Facebook friends to increase your ranking!
  • Shoot your photo at the maximum resolution your camera will allow and submit that original without compressing or reducing the size.
  • Be safe. Photos of unsafe farm practices will be eliminated.


Submission deadline November 30, 2018. Voting closed December 31, 2018.